Top 5 Cool Fishing Gaiter for Superb Fishing Experience 2023
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Top 5 Cool Fishing Gaiter for Superb Fishing Experience

Why You Need Wearing a Fishing Gaiter?

These are some of the reasons for wearing a fishing gaiter:

  • Prevent cancer
  • Allows you to see fish better
  • Can fish on windy days and places
  • Look cooler
  • Longer fishing time

Preventing Cancer


Spending time outside is a great way to get moving, reduce stress, and get your vitamin D. Protecting your skin from the sun allows you to work and play outside without increasing your risk of skin cancer.


Most skin cancers are caused by over exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation damages skin cells. Protection from UV radiation is important all year round, not just in the summer. The incidence of skin cancer is sky rocketing. In fact, 5.4 million cases of melanoma occur each year in the United States[i] . In fact, you can get skin cancer even when the weather is not sunny these days data from Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Most NAROO Sports Face Covers are UPF 50+ and block all harmful UVA and UVB rays. Your face as well as your head are at risk, but can be covered with a sun guard visor. It also prevents painful sunburn, unsightly sun marks, and skin cancer. Our neck gaiters are equipped with unique feature of UPF 50+ material, something that is not possible with regular materials.

There is a lot of science behind this, but the simple fact is that you don’t have to wear sunscreen anymore. That means you

  • won’t have to put up with sunscreen getting into your eyes when you sweat.
  • won’t have have to put up with the subtle smell of sunscreen
  • won’t have have to stop fishing and reapply the cream.
  • won’t have to worry about applying sunscreen to hard-to-reach places such as your ears.
  • won’t have to worry about your fishing gear getting dirty with smelly cream.

You can see fish better.

No, it has no magic powers or fish radar system. It has something to do with the material …

A good fishing face mask has nice enhanced moisture wicking properties, meaning it will stay dry. This, along with its breathable fabric, means that your glasses will have less fog, your skin will produce less glare, and that of course means better visibility and more chances of seeing fish.

Plus, the marbled camouflage fabric covering your head, face, and neck will blend in naturally and you will see more fish. Stealth fishing is effective.

If the wind is too strong…

While not as important as sun protection, wind protection is also necessary when wading in the river or speeding in a boat on the open ocean.

If you are an angler, you know the feeling of fatigue at the end of a day’s fishing. Even if you are not, you have probably seen people who go home after a day of fishing and immediately feel knackered. The wind takes a huge toll on the entire body and saps all of one’s energy.

Fishing masks are the solution to this problem. They protect you from the wind as it hits your face. Simply put, the mask becomes a shield. You can fish all day long, and with the wind barrier, you can even make it home with some energy. This is important if you are serious about fishing. You will stay focused and energized for longer periods of time, which will help you achieve better fishing results.

Look cool

The angler needs a camouflage face mask. He may not admit it, but he does.

It helps him stay protected from all the elements while fishing, as sun and wind can do a lot of damage. Plus, there is the added element of concealment.

Some men are manly and wrap a T-shirt around their heads. Sure, this may work for a while, but after a few hours (or in some cases minutes) the T-shirt headband starts to smell, get wet with sweat, and itch.

We men, though we may not like to admit it, like comfort (thank goodness). No matter how macho and tough you think you are, there’s nothing better than feeling great (and comfortable) when doing one of your favorite things in the world.

The great thing about NAROO’s stylish fishing masks is that due to their high quality breathable 100% microfiber fabric and their moisture wicking properties, they are guaranteed to be itch free. Wear your mask all day long and it will continue to look and feel great no matter what harsh weather conditions you have faced.

You will soon see that it turns out to be one of the best fishing investments you have made in a long time.

Fishing in a spring fed creek

So, What Are the Best Fishing Gaiter?

Buffs, balaclavas, ring scarves, and bandanas have long been the go-to face covering options for fisherman. Unfortunately these products are prone to slipping off your face with even the slightest turn of the head, and the materials they’re made of makes breathing through them a sport in itself.

Innovative and Affordable High Quality Fishing Gaiter

What Makes Fishing Neck Gaiters NAROO Different?

fishing neck gaiter NAROO BLOG covering face

One company that’s in the business of providing superior comfort and protection against the elements is NAROO. Through form-fitting and filtration innovation, NAROO are the leading manufacturers of easy-breathing sports face masks – and they have the perfect protective fishing neck gaiter for you.  

What makes this sports fishing gaiter so unique is that it adjusts to changes in temperature with ease. Its ultra-thin fabric allows the skin to breathe through the heat while offering a layer of protection from harmful UV rays. 

So, next time you’re going through your fishing-day check list, be sure to pack your NAROO fishing face mask, the ultimate fisherman’s friend. 

If you are interested in UV protection while riding bicycle, read this blog

Top 5 Cool Fishing Masks for Superb Fishing Experience
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