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  • NAROO F.U Plus - Man cycling in a forest wearing a black FU+copper sports mask for pollen and pollution v2

    What Are Pollen Allergies and Why YOU as an Athlete Should Care

    What Are Pollen Allergies and Why YOU as an Athlete Should Care Every year, the pollen season comes and tries to stop so many people from enjoying the outdoors. In particular, athletes who want to exercise outside, both who do and do not suffer from pollen allergies, face the highest risk.Luckily, it is possible to protect … More
  • NAROO F.U+ Copper - Filtering Sports Mask for cycling in Spring Season and Pollen Graphic v2

    Do Pollution Masks Cause Breathing Problems?

    Do Pollution Masks Cause Breathing Problems? If you live in a place with high pollution levels, you’re probably familiar with all of the ways to cope with this major public health issue. You can invest in an air purifier, clean regularly, stay inside, and wear a mask if you have to go out. But if … More
  • NAROO F1s - sports mask for running in spring and summer in the city in the sunshine and heat. woman with back to camera and face in profile v2

    How to Wear a Mask in the Heat

    In the high heat of summer, the number one concern on most people’s minds is staying cool. When you’re an athlete, especially one whose sports relies on heading outdoors, it requires a bit more preparation to ensure that you stay safe. Let’s take a look at how to stay safe in the heat and how … More
  • NAROO Z5H- Antifog Sports Mask for skiing in in winter and snowy mountains v2

    The Sports Mask Solution for Foggy Goggles

    When we think of wearing sports masks and goggles in wintertime, “comfort” is usually not the first word that comes to mind. In fact, the pairing is often downright uncomfortable. Wearing both often results in fogged up goggles, soggy masks, and sore noses and ears. The question becomes “How do we make it easier to head … More
  • NAROO F5 - filtering sports mask for running in winter and fall, Man athlete in earphones listening to music and running outdoors v2

    3 Steps for Comfortable Exercise in Winter

    Blisteringly cold winds, frost, dry thin air… These are less than inviting conditions for outdoor activity. Exercising in winter always requires that little bit of extra willpower and motivation, especially when coming from a toasty warm bed or the coziness of your home. You could just go to the gym or stay at home and … More
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