Top 5 - Cool Fishing Neck Gaiter for Sun Protection

5 Best Fishing Neck Gaiters for Face in 2022

Fishing for the Right Neck and Face Gaiter?
Stop Casting Your Line in all the Wrong Places

That’s it. The weekend. Time to de-stress from the weekday hustle and bustle, grab your rod and some bait, and hang up that gone fishing sign on the front porch. Nothing but you, your flask of smooth Arabica coffee, and the fresh lake or ocean air to look forward to. 

Well… that’s not entirely true. There’s that splintering morning cold and, of course, the scorching midday sun. The only two downsides to your otherwise smooth-sailing escape from the city. 

Fishing is one of humankind’s most treasured pastimes. It allows you to get out to nature, find some peace and quiet, and immerse in that much-needed injection of adrenaline only sport can give you. The only problem? Having to brave the elements in whatever form they come. 

Being next to or afloat a body of water is one of the coldest places to be before sunrise. Even the slightest breeze can feel like splinters of ice, searching for the surface beneath your already-shivering skin. But once that sun peeps over the horizon, your body instantly begs you to start removing those layers to prepare for the heat to come. And while accommodating for changes in temperature is a small price to pay for the chance to hook a whopper, being comfortable in your downtime is as important as using the right bait.

fishing neck gaiter NAROO BLOG covering face

Why Cover Your Face When Fishing?

Fishing in a spring fed creek

Covering your face while fishing is essential in not only keeping your face warm when it’s icy out, but protecting you from harmful UV Rays too. If only there was a way to prevent the cold from creeping in, and stop the sun from scorching your skin… 

So, What Are the Best Fishing Neck Gaiters?

Buffs, balaclavas, ring scarves, and bandanas have long been the go-to face covering options for fisherman. Unfortunately these products are prone to slipping off your face with even the slightest turn of the head, and the materials they’re made of makes breathing through them a sport in itself.

What Makes Fishing Neck Gaiters NAROO Different?

fishing neck gaiter NAROO BLOG covering face

One company that’s in the business of providing superior comfort and protection against the elements is NAROO. Through form-fitting and filtration innovation, NAROO are the leading manufacturers of easy-breathing sports face masks – and they have the perfect protective fishing neck gaiter for you.  

What makes this sports face mask so unique is that it adjusts to changes in temperature with ease. Its ultra-thin fabric allows the skin to breathe through the heat while offering a layer of protection from harmful UV rays. 

So, next time you’re going through your fishing-day check list, be sure to pack your NAROO fishing face mask, the ultimate fisherman’s friend. 

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Looking for fishing neck gaiter NAROO BLOG covering face

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