5 Most Authentic Quality Motorcycle Masks Needed For You in 2023

5 Most Authentic Quality Motorcycle Masks and Balaclavas Needed For Your Every Ride

A year in the life of a motorcyclist is full of adventure. You can see us cruising through the summer sun and battling the winter wind. We’re fearless. But, we also have needs. Like staying warm during the winter wind battle. Or not melting under that beautiful shining sun each summer. How about keeping the hair and fabric out of our eyes? Some of us are allergic to the beautiful pollinating plants that bloom each spring. And those of us who ride in the city are constantly exposed to pollution. We need unique protection that is made specifically for us and our needs. 

Slide Your Helmet Over Superior Looking, World-Class Quality Motorcycle Masks and Balaclavas for All-Year-Round​

As motorcyclists ourselves, we understand these needs and how important they are. In the beginning, we started to create products to solve issues that we experienced personally. Then, we started to share them with like-minded motorcyclists. They loved it and began to ask us to make more for them to try. Our first motorcycle balaclavas were made and tested in the busy streets of Seoul, South Korea, during the cold harsh winter, the crazy hot summer, and the polluted air of the spring and fall. Later on, our products were enjoyed by many in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where motorcycling is a part of daily life. 

Some of our customers are still confused about which kind of motorcycle balaclava is best for them to choose. So let’s take a look at the five best motorcycle balaclavas to choose from for your daily or special motorcycle trips.

Question 1: I ride a motorcycle in the summer. Which motorcycle mask or balaclava is best for me?

Let’s take a look at what motorcyclists need for their summer trips. All things equal, the most important thing is feeling cool and fresh. Yes, even though you might think filtering is important, according to feedback from motorcyclists in South Korea, people care more about feeling cool. 

Other important considerations are its elasticity and how easy it is to take on and off. People also consider how quickly the fabric dries because that keeps you cool and fresh, and whether or not it looks neat and cool with motorcycling clothing or a helmet. If you have similar concerns while riding a bike in summer, then NAROO N3F is the best balaclava for you.  

lightweight, moisture-wicking, NAROO Motorcycle Balaclava with hidden ponytail straight and unobstructed vision -n3f

N3F – Lightweight Full Face Balaclava with Unobstructed Vision and Heat Distribution for Motorcycling

    • Breathable and Anti-Fog
    • Varying Fabric Thicknesses for Heat Distribution
    • Hidden Ponytail Strap
    • Unobstructed Vision
    • Maintains Shape With Moveable Mouth Cover

Also noteworthy, the N3F has what we call “unobstructed vision.” Basically, with most typical cheap balaclavas on the market, the cloth will slide into your eyes and block your vision. The N3F’s elastic strap keeps the cloth away from your eyes for clear vision. This N3F Balaclava will surely be your best friend if you have long hair. Give it a try and let us know.

Question 2: I ride a motorcycle in winter. What is best for me?

When winter is coming, keeping warm is the most important consideration. But it’s also important to understand that thick fabric alone may not keep you warm for long periods of time – let me explain the basic science behind it. 

So the gist is, when you ride a motorcycle in winter, your sweat will form icicles on your clothing and balaclava. If the fabric is not specifically made for winter use, the cold can suck up your warm energy leaving you cold and exhausted.


F9F – Flat-Seam Stitching Filtering Winter Motorcycle Balaclava with Filtering Fabric, Sturdy, Windproof, Reusable, Washable & Breathable Features

    • Sturdy, Windproof
    • Breathable and Comfortable
    • MICRONET™ Filtering Fabric Technology
      • A key feature of the F-Series, NAROO’s exclusive MICRONET™ filtering fabric blocks 99% of ultrafine dust particles, pollen, and other harmful particulates as small as 1.7μm (40 times smaller than a human hair). Adjust the nose clip to fit snugly against your nose, which enhances filtering ability and reduces the fogging effect on any goggles or glasses.
    • Flat-Seam Stitching
    • Easily slip your helmet on and off

Question 3: I want to protect my lungs from pollutants while riding in the city. Which is the best option for me?

Riding a motorcycle in the city can be very picturesque when you’re enjoying the speed and the views of the road ahead of you. However, as you ride behind cars and other motorcyclists, you breathe in a large amount of polluted air – including dust, dirt, traffic fumes, ad more — into your lungs. You may not notice it at the moment, but you would be torturing your lungs daily. Eventually, after days, months, or even years, you would begin to notice the effects. Have a look at an experiment we did in 2014 for example. 

F3F – Lightweight Filtering Moisture-Wicking Breathable Full Balaclava Head Cover

The holistic solution for this would be shutting down plants, cars, and motorcycles, but that might not be a practical solution everywhere, especially in places with less developed public transportation. But there are more practical solutions based on prevention.

F3F - Lightweight Filtering Moisture-Wicking Breathable Balaclava Head Cover for sport and motorcycle girl blog

F3H – Lightweight Filtering Moisture-wicking Breathable Half-Balaclava

As you might have seen, some motorcyclists use balaclavas or face masks when riding a motorcycle for protection. While products like buffs and medical masks are good, they are not always helpful for filtering out pollution. Because of poor fit, they do not provide a good seal, which will let in large amounts of polluted air. On the other side, respirators or Respro masks are so tight and so difficult to breathe in that an active wearer would suffocate and would not wear them until it the end of their trip on a motorcycle. That’s why many motorcyclists prefer NAROO balaclavas. We offer breathable balaclavas with filtering functionality. Different from winter balaclavas, these F3F and F3H balaclavas can be worn in hot weather,  or even in winter because the winter can be milder the urban environments. They both have MICRONET Filtering Fabric, are washable, and are much more elastic than F9F. (I mentioned why F9F is made like that, and it is good for a different purpose.) The two only come with a difference in shape depending on your preferences. You can get the full-coverage F3F for lung and full head protection, or the half-balaclava F3H if you prefer to keep your hair styled while wearing a helmet.

    • Cool, Moisture-Wicking Fabric 
    • MICRONET™ Filtering Fabric Technology
    • Reusable and Washable
    • Thin, Lightweight, and Windproof
    • Breathable and Comfortable
    • Tested, Certified, Safe
NAROO F3H - black filtering sports mask for winter, snow, skiing, snowboarding, usage, pollution blog
According to the WHO, each year over seven million people worldwide pass away or become seriously ill due to pollution.

Question 4: I like the brand NAROO, but can I find a motorcycling balaclava that will fit my budget?

Fortunately, we have thought about this too. If a customer would like great protection, comfort, and style on a tighter budget, there are some great options.

If you ride a motorcycle and want protection with some style and some consideration for your wallet, try the X5 in Skull.

Why the X5? Its material is neither thin nor too thick, it is very breathable and washable, and it has some filtering capabilities. (Please check out the F5 if you want the same shape of motorcycling facemask with advanced filtering.)

X5 – 2-in-1 Reversible Breathable Windproof Neck Gaiter

NAROO X5 is best known for its X-Fiber Fabric, which is made of honey-comb knitted fabric. 

Apart from the fabric itself, we made it with a special design that would fit and stay firm in intense movement, thanks to its earloops, slim fit, and elastic design.

    • Full Coverage UV Protection
    • Windproof X-Fiber Fabric
    • Quick-drying and Thermoregulating 
    • Multifunctional and Reversible
    • Breathable and Comfortable
    • Tested, Certified, Safe
NAROO X5 2- neck gaiter with ear loops black-grey, black-blue, black-red, black-yellow, black-orange sports mask for UV protection, all-weather, mesh fabric, quick-dry fabric, and ear loops, skull for blog

5 Most Authentic Quality Motorcycle Masks At One Sight

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As motorcyclists ourselves, we understand what other motorcyclists need, thus we try to provide the best-matching, newest products to motorcyclists while considering external considerations like the weather and air quality, and the rider’s needs like design, fit, feeling, and breathability. NAROO is a company that brings an equilibrium of protection and joy. Usually, where there is great protection, there is little fun, and vice versa. We keep the golden mean!


P.S Please let us know which is your favorite, or if we missed any other usage for a motorcycle under-helmet balaclava. We will reply to your comments and emails and make another post about it.


P.P.S. You can also order NAROO on Amazon if you are in the US.

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