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About F1s Summer Mask - Breathable Sport Face Cover with Thin and Filtering Fabric, Moisture-Wicking Technology | NAROO Sports Masks
F1s summer mask has breathable nylon fabric that repels moisture and keeps the skin cool through a wicking process. This is placed on the sides of the mask to the link the MICRONET and SPAN MESH panels, making the F1s the ultimate multi-functional easy breathing mask.
NAROO Breathing Technology: Easy-breathing Face Covers Backed by Continuous Research
NAROO Breathing Technology: Easy-breathing Face Covers Backed by Research Breathing is the heart of athletic activity. However, the air we breathe isn’t always what we need to power our activity. Athletes worldwide struggle with environmental issues that actually limit their ability to breath well and perform well, which include cold weather, pollution, pollen, UV rays, …
NAROO FU+Copper - Sportmasks 101 - What They Are and Why You Need Them
A sports mask is not your everyday run-of-the-mill mask. It is specifically designed to be breathable to help sports people get the oxygen intake necessary to perform their sport.
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