How to Get Rid of a Cold | 10 Best Cold Weather Running Masks for 2023
NAROO Z5H - How to Get Rid of a Cold

How to get Rid of a Cold With NAROO Mask

The Best Face Masks For Running Outside For 2023

We exercise to stay healthy. All year round, we head outdoors to work out. But in the winter, conditions are especially challenging. Not only is it uncomfortable to exercise in the cold, but it can be downright painful. Without a solution, freezing conditions can harm our health and chip away at our willingness to head outdoors to exercise.

Let’s examine why exercising in winter poses a challenge and then tackle that challenge head on.


What happens when we exercise in the cold?  

When we exercise in the cold, the struggle of our respiratory system (and subsequently other systems) can diminish our performance. How does this happen?

  1. Our vital capacity is significantly reduced, which means that the maximum amount of air expelled from the lungs after maximum inhalation is reduced.
  2. Our bronchial tubes, lungs, and mucous membranes become irritated and often dehydrated. Simply, they don’t like cold air.
  3. Our respiratory systems tighten and struggle to warm cold air causing asthma-like symptoms. 
  1. Not only do casual athletes suffer from these cold weather breathing symptoms. Professional athletes struggle as well. During the Winter Olympics, many athletes report having respiratory problems. 50% of cross-country athletes and 43% of short-track speed skaters have experienced exercise-induced asthma. 



Why does all that happen when we exercise in the cold? 

Our respiratory systems like warm, most air. When we breathe in, our nose and bronchial tubes naturally warm and moisten the air before it enters our lungs. However, while exercising in the cold, our bodies are unable to efficiently warm and humidify the constant onslaught of cold, dry air. As a result, our airways narrow and consequently, our breathing capacity is limited.  

This is not ideal for any athlete and begs the question: If we want to go out and exercise, run marathons, or maintain our physiques in winter, how can we do it safely and healthily? 


Should we just exercise indoors?

We could, but… 

If you don’t want to be limited to indoor activity, read on.  Only one solution to wintertime breathing struggles is to head inside.  

Solution: A Winter Sports Outdoors Warm Air Mask

Studies have shown that exercising in cold environments can have a positive effect on our endurance, calories burn, and wintertime vitamin D intake. Plus, getting outdoors is liberating. When our airways are properly protected, continued outdoor activity isn’t a problem.  

So how do we take advantage of wintertime exercise benefits and avoid respiratory problems? An easy-breathing mask. A mask that keeps us comfortable and warm while controlling moisture. This mask also is integrated with unique fabric and internal ventilation mechanisms.  

A mask like this will help warm the air, maintain the required humidity, and also keep your face, neck, and head warm, allowing the warming process of the air to be performed more efficiently.

We at NAROO Mask have developed a mask that can provide all these necessary breathing tools. A sports mask to protect athletes and sportspeople from cold air and wind, helping us focus on performance. NAROO winter masks are specifically developed to warm the air before it enters the respiratory system while also keeping us dry and comfortable while exercising.  

 Check out our line of masks perfect for facing the cold. Choose a mask depending on your sporting needs. Whether you’re a runner with asthma, or a skier who spends your days in the snow, there is a mask for you. We recommend the N9H,  Z9H,  Z5H,  X5,  and  F3H  models for the winter season. 

See you out there.

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