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The 6 Best Face Coverings for Skiers and Snowboarders Winter

As tempting as spending a chilly day in the warm embrace of our couch and tea mug may be, braving harsh conditions is a necessity for sports. Whether you’re working off those pumpkin pies and turkey leftovers, or maintaining your body as an athlete, winter is coming—and it spares no one. So how do you keep your face and airways warm, while running and cycling in the cold? Well, NAROO has got you, and your face, covered!

The 6 Best Face Coverings for Skiers and Snowboarders Winter 2021-2022

Hitting the Slopes With Warm, Form-Fitting, and Protective Headwear

The winter season and its sports have arrived. If you’re a runner or a cyclist, one of our recent blogs has got your sports mask needs covered. You may still be wondering, however, what is the best ski mask, or the best balaclava for skiing or snowboarding. Well, if you want to know about the dangers that lurk up on the hills alive with the sound of music—and about how to protect yourself from them—read on.

Cold World, Colder Requirements

The two sports activities we’re looking at are skiing and snowboarding. They both require cold, often elevated environments, where exposure to elements like wind and harmful UV rays is more prominent. This raises the need for face coverings that offer thermoregulation, moisture-wicking features, good coverage, and sun protection. And if you’re now asking “Well, then, how can I protect my face in winter?” or “What makes NAROO masks special?” take a look at the following beauties.

Top 6 Best Sports Masks for Skiing and Snowboarding

NAROO Z5H - Winter Skiing Antifog Neck Warmer blog

#1 - NAROO Z5H Half-Balaclava


  • Ideal for: 0-10°C
  • Anti-fog, air-warming EX-BONE technology
  • Super breathable, the fabric doesn’t touch your lips
  • Half-balaclava type, great for comfortable helmet usage
  • It looks COOL
  • Especially good for: skiing


The Z5H is a great—not to mention stylish—choice for those who want some hefty protection against the cold without feeling too hot. Its EX-BONE 3D air-warming chamber keeps your breathing temperature moderate, while also keeping your goggles fog-free.

Due to its flexibility, the Z5H pairs nicely with goggles, helmets, and other headgear. Its half-balaclava design provides you with many of the benefits you’d be looking for in the best skiing balaclava, while at the same time being easy to pull down under your lips or chin when necessary.

#2 - NAROO Z9H Half-Balaclava


  • Ideal for: -20-5°C
  • Anti-fog, air-warming EX-BONE technology
  • Anti-Fog Optimisation + EX-HALE Enhancement
  • Super breathable, the fabric doesn’t touch your lips 
  • Half-balaclava type, great for comfortable helmet usage
  • It looks VERY COOL
  • Especially good for: skiing


The Z9H is a great face cover for cold weather, offering all the great features of the Z5H, with the optional addition of the EX-HALE anti-fog enhancement. The EX-HALE is an outbranching exhaust pipe designed to keep you breathing smoothly without fogging up your vision.

While the EX-BONE and the mask’s adjustable nose clip alone do great in preventing fogging, you can aid them with the EX-HALE module, effectively saying goodbye to foggy goggles for good. Like the Z5H, the mask comes in several beautiful colors, and has a zipper over its breathing gear for as much ventilation as you want, as well as cutting points to let your hair freely wave to the mountain breeze.


#3 - NAROO F5 Neck Gaiter


  • Ideal for: All weather, great for 10°C and over
  • MICRONET™ Filtering Fabric Technology for great protection
  • Reversible
  • Breathable, comfortable, and safe
  • Great for long sleeved, no collar jackets, or for tucking under a collar
  • Good color range, stylish form
  • Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding


So you’re in the market for something sturdy, but don’t want to look like Hannibal Lecter. We hear you, and NAROO still has your back. The F5 is a great neck gaiter for snowboarding and skiing, giving you the warmth and protection you need without being a full balaclava.

The F5 is a great and flexible choice, adjusting well to different attire and gear. It’s reversible, moisture-wicking, and very light weight for the amount of protection it provides through the MICRONET™ Filtering Fabric Technology.  

#4 - NAROO X9 Neck Gaiter


    • Ideal for: -10°C and colder
    • Warm, Windproof X-Fiber Fabric
    • Quick-drying, thermoregulating
    • Multifunctional and reversible
    • A sturdy winter accessory
    • Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding


The F5 is a great choice for temperate conditions, but if you need something more robust against colder weather, the X9 neck gaiter is your match. As David of ‘Trail and Summit’ advises, “If you’re spending a day on the mountain you’re going to want to be warm, and dry.” The X9 is quick-drying and thermoregulating, maintaining your condition.

Another feature which makes the X9 a great gaiter for skiing and snowboarding is its warm, windproof X-Fiber fabric. This compression fabric with honeycomb knitting is designed to withstand constant movement, fitting your form and staying strong as you go. 

NAROO n9h -black red sports mask for UV protection, all-weather, mesh fabric, quick-dry fabric-blog

#5 - NAROO N9H Half-Balaclava


  • Ideal for: -5°C and colder
  • Fitted under eye stitching
  • Tension distribution bands for perfect form
  • Quick-drying and warm
  • Air-humidifying
  • Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding


Another half-balaclava design, the N9H is a good alternative to full balaclavas for snowboarding and skiing. A great option to pair with helmets, this sports mask is exceptionally form-fitting, and comfortable.

Its fitted under eye stitching protects you from irritation without blocking your vision, extending its wear-time. Additionally, the N9H features tension distribution bands in its weave, which help maintain temperature and fit, while also being very customizable.

#6 - NAROO N1 Neck Gaiter


  • Ideal for: 10-20°C
  • Cool, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Breathable, comfortable, and safe
  • Lightweight, windproof, with UV protection
  • Multifunctional and reversible
  • Stylish color options
  • Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding


The N1 is a great choice for those in need of a lighter neck gaiter to keep their temperature ideal during long, strenuous rides. As this study on cycling in hot and humid environments has shown, the discomfort of heat alone lowers athletic performance, even if the Winter Paradox still applies.

But the N1 also has UV protection up its sleeve. We tend to associate UV risk to summer, but the eye condition of photokeratitis is also called “snow blindness” for good reason. It occurs due to the harmful amount of sunlight reflected from ice and snow, particularly at an elevation, which affects not only the eyes, but the skin. So keep your face healthy and opt for a mask such as the N1.

NAROO N1 - BLACK Sports Mask for skiing and snowboarding in winter with moisture-wicking fabric and UV-Protection-blog
Z9H –white- BREATHABLE WINDPROOF HALF-BALACLAVA for skiing and snowboarding-blog

Stay Cool, Ride the Cold

As even the Alpine Responsibility Code states, keeping your gear in good condition and tightly secured on your person is key. So is the balance of cold exposure and metabolic heat production, which affect performance and health. NAROO can’t protect you from every danger out there, but our winter sports masks will definitely check many worries off nicely.

“… no company is packing as much specialized tech into their ski masks than NAROO.” — Nicola Iseard, Fall-Line Skiing

““These are pretty comfortable, and I prefer them over the standard surgical masks.” — Jasper Verkuijl, Cycling Fanatics

“NAROO promotes a healthier, comfortable lifestyle through their product line. As a company, they strive to ensure that everyone not only continues to exercise physically but also ensure that we maintain basic bodily functions as well.” — Dean Lee, K-Herald Korea

Written by Vasia Tolou


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