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Our Vision

We are lifelong outdoors people just like you. However, we began to notice how breathing difficulties held us and our fellow athletes back. In 2002, we decided to create our own breathing solutions – and so NAROO was born.

Two decades of technological development


Exclusive Filtering Fabric

A combination of a special knitted fabric and breathability, MICRONET filters 99% of particles starting as small as 1.7 microns.


3D Air-Chamber Technology

The 3D Air-Chamber warms air as you inhale with the flexible structure of the EX-BONE thereby optimizing breathing and the anti-fog effect.


Exclusive 3D Fabric

Lightweight, 3D Fabric Technology with interlocking layers that maintain breathability and maximize ventilation and UV protection.

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NAROO Sports Masks | Easy-Breathing SportsMask | NAROO Sports Masks

NAROO: The 10 Best Face Coverings for Running and Cycling Winter 2021-2022

As tempting as spending a chilly day in the warm embrace of our couch and tea mug may be, braving harsh conditions is a necessity for sports. Whether you’re working off those pumpkin pies and turkey leftovers, or maintaining your body as an athlete, winter is coming—and it spares no one. So how do you keep your face and airways warm, while running and cycling in the cold? Well, NAROO has got you, and your face, covered!
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