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EX-BONE: Anti-Fogging Technology Integrated into Face Cover & Neck Gaiter for the Winter Athlete

Clean air up levels an athlete’s performance no matter the sport. However, air around in environments all over the globe isn’t always the best for breathing, especially during high-intensity exercise. Research shows that 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air.

Particulates in the air and weather conditions like cold weather, pollen, pollution, dust, and microbes can harm and hinder our lungs from absorbing oxygen at full capacity, lowering performance levels significantly.

As lovers of the outdoors, we at NAROO have been researching technology that can facilitate optimal breathing in all possible conditions. Our tested and proven technology is guaranteed to protect athletes everywhere, including in freezing winter climes.

NAROO Z5h- blue sports mask fitted with exbone for winter snowboarding and skiing and anti-fog - technology blog

Why is it bad to breathe in cold air in winter?

Aside from the discomfort of exercising and training in cold air, lower temperatures can cause many unwanted side effects on breathing. Human lungs find it tough to warm and humidify cold air, which can dehydrate and impair airways.

Often athletes experience breathing issues when training in cold temperatures such as coughing and burning feelings in their throats and windpipes. Research reveals that intense cold-weather exercise can burden the lungs and force the lining of human airways to dehydrate, dry, and suffer long-term, even irreversible, damage.

Many athletes choose to wear a scarf, neck warmer, face bandana, balaclava mask, or ski mask around their mouth and nose when training in the cold. However, while this does trap the warm, moist air they exhale, these items are quite uncomfortable, especially during intensive training sessions. Additionally, goggles can get fogged up, causing visibility issues and inhibiting performance capability. They are also not easy to breathe through, adding further deterrents to performance.

So, what’s the solution?

To start with, here are a few tips that can help safeguard respiratory health for anyone exercising in the cold air:

  • Before starting on an exercise regimen that will expose you to cold air, talk to your doctor. Discuss your training regimen, timing, schedules, etc. Get a check-up and wait for the doctor’s approval before initiating a training cycle.
  • If you’re a runner, you might get frostbite on your nose and cheeks. While this does not hurt the lungs, it will definitely be uncomfortable and slow down performance. Wear some kind of protective layer (a breathable half-balaclava, for example) over your nose and mouth to warm and moisten the air you breathe. This will reduce the possibility of frostbite.
  • As much as possible, breathe through your nose, not your mouth, because the nasal mucous membranes in our nose are “lined with small blood vessels that help to warm and humidify the air you breathe.”
  • For individuals with asthma and COPD, it is important to take any controller medication as prescribed and under the direction of your physician because cold air can be an asthma trigger.
  • If temperatures are too low (whatever is considered extreme cold in your region), exercise and train indoors – a gym, at home or in some kind of climate-controlled condition.
NAROO Z0h- blue sports mask fitted with exbone for winter snowboarding and skiing and anti-fog - technology blog

However, all these measures are not sufficient to protect your lungs for long periods of arduous activity. In particularly cold temperatures, athletes need the right equipment to protect their lungs and airways from cold-induced damage.

This is where the EX-BONE comes in, and shines.

EX-BONE: A Face Mask Forged to Handle The Cold

NAROO Ex-bone- exbone for winter snowboarding and skiing and anti-fog - technology blog

NAROO’s evolved offering, the EX-BONE is an innovative exoskeleton structure that creates a 3D air-warming chamber to warm and humidify cold air inhaled during training or practice. Here are some of its key features.

  • The 3D air chamber is designed to prevent foggy goggles and prevent the mask from sticking to the nose or mouth, thus ensuring effortless breathing and speaking.
  • In other words, the EX-BONE creates a space between the face mask and the face that avoids contact with the mouth and nose, enabling easy breathing and comfortable speech and mouth movements.
  • NAROO’s breathable sports masks assume the shape of the wearer’s face. This action seals the front and the sides, which allows for comfortable, safe breathing. With decades of experience in manufacturing top-of-the-line sports masks, NAROO recognizes that these face shields must deliver perfect results in high-intensity situations – skiing, running, lifting, and more. They have to fit perfectly even when someone is executing fast, powerful motions for a long period.
  • Structurally, these cold weather face masks are built to align with the human skeletal and muscle structure, which allows athletes to maintain peak performance levels in unsuitable environmental conditions.
  • The material’s elasticity and resilience also makes it a durable choice for actively inclined individuals. It’s innovative design, and research-based manufacturing process, using materials approved by the FDA the German TÜV.

Essentially, the EX-BONE’s industry-best ergonomic design ensures athletes can exercise safely and easily in harsh colder climes. Slide it over your face and keep your airways dry and warm to take on those chilly days.

The EX-BONE is part of NAROO’s Z5H and Z9H balaclava masks, two products highly favored by winter athletes across the globe.

Key Benefits of the EX-BONE

  • Easy to breathe in when exercising in cold air
  • 3D air warming chamber to heat up and humidify cold air when inhaled
  • Anti-fog capability to prevent goggles from fogging up during exhalation
  • Ergonomic design manufactured from FDA-approved materials
  • Moisture-wicking and dries quickly in moist or humid conditions


NAROO’s breathable sports masks have been inspected and certified by a number of prestigious institutions. If worn correctly and consistently. They act to protect adults and children from airborne pollutants and allergens (including pollen). The EX-BONE also works to keep air breathable and warm, giving athletes the opportunity to get all the oxygen they need and keep their lungs unscathed, even in the peak training periods. In other words, NAROO masks provide 360- degree protection for anyone with an outdoorsy lifecycle, no matter the weather conditions.

Written by Shreya Bose (Weloquent)

NAROO Z5h- gray sports mask fitted with exbone for winter snowboarding and skiing and anti-fog - technology blog


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