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NAROO: The Best Breathable Face Mask with Antibacterial Copper Yarn

Killing Germs, Odors, and More, Without Killing Your Skin

There are no perfect methods for keeping fit while keeping free from pathogens. If you’re looking for the sports mask equivalent of a full suit of armor without the discomfort and possible hauntings, however, your best solution lies in NAROO’s F.U Plus Copper. Copper has a long history in medicine and textile making, a multitude of benefits, and clear advantages over silver as a wearable material. 

Origins of Copper Fabric

NAROO F.U Plus Copper- black antimicrobial filtering sports masks for spring and summer with pollution, pollen, uv rays and fine dust 1

Originally used as a form of sterilization, and as protection through jewelry, copper as a medicinal tool and wearable can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and later China. As for copper-infused fabric, there are indications that it may have originated in the Middle-East. In more recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a renewed interest in copper-infused yarn for its antimicrobial properties. From copper compression clothing to copper masks, we see an increasing number of products turning to this material for its health benefits.

Benefits of Copper Fabric and F.U Plus Copper

Antimicrobial Copper yarn is highly effective at fighting bacteria, fungi, and viruses without ill-effects on your health. NAROO’s F.U Plus Copper antimicrobial mask stops 99.9% of microbes through the knitted teamwork of its MICRONET™ fabric and copper yarn. Bacteria and viruses are negatively charged on the outside, while the positive copper ions underneath break them apart by destroying their DNA/RNA.

The combination of the highly breathable MICRONET™ filtering fabric and the properties of copper itself make NAROO’s latest copper mask not only effective against pollutants, but also easy to exercise and breathe with, or rather, through.

Heat regulation
Athletic performance can significantly decrease over time, and muscle fatigue is a big reason why. When our body temperature rises, “the muscle’s ability to contract sustainably over a long time period suffers significantly during a longer athletic event and adversely impacts athletic performance ” Copper is an excellent thermal regulator, aiding muscle endurance and oxygenation, thus aiding an athlete’s performance. 


All of NAROO’s face masks, including our F.U Plus Copper, are highly absorbent and assist in sweat regulation. While perspiration during exercise and competitive events may be uncomfortable, it is also where microbes thrive, as body odor is partly generated due to sweat gland secretions. Keeping dry keeps you safe and smelling better.

Odor Control

This is where copper plays a really big part in sports attire, including sports masks. The bacteria growing in our sweat is responsible for many ill-effects, including the known unpleasant odors. As we have already established, copper is extremely toxic to these bacteria, neutralizing the smell even in the small amounts of sweat that do make it through NAROO’s moisture wicking fabric.

NAROO F.U+ Copper - Filtering Sports Mask for running in Spring Pollen Season in forest

Skin Health

In addition to its biocidal properties, copper is a mineral which promotes skin generation and stabilization, making it “a very attractive active material for the improvement of  skin well-being.” Combining that with its other abilities and breathable fabrics means that you ultimately reduce the irritants drying and aging your skin.

Benefits of Copper Fabric and F.U Plus Copper

While copper, silver, and gold are all antimicrobial, there are some key differences making copper the clear winner.

Is Copper Fabric Safe for Your Respiratory and Overall Health?

Inhaling metals is not an appealing idea, but it’s a worry you need not have with NAROO’s F.U Plus Copper. Made of different fabric materials, the parts using copper-infused yarns achieve that infusion through a process called ionic bonding. The process embeds the copper to the fabric, ensuring that it will not break into particles that can be inhaled.

Choosing Your Copper Mask Wisely

Like every other product used with health in mind, copper face coverings have to be chosen wisely. Masks where the yarn is simply lined with copper, for example, will be stripped of that layer fairly quickly, losing their benefits. NAROO’s F.U Plus Copper mask technology of bonded copper is not only safe for your health, but makes our masks highly reusable, as they can be washed up to 100 times without losing their protective ability.

The boom in copper-based masks means that there is a variety in quality for such products, and therefore in their results. It’s important to be vigilant for a company’s certifications, history, and know-how in making athletes safe. NAROO’s masks are tested and certified for safety by the Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute (KATRI), and specifically designed with athletes in mind, making them adjustable, breathable, and durable.

Copper yarn is here to open a new era in protective wearables, and the reviews coming in for its use are already enthusiastic and looking forward to its bright future.


Perhaps, you will enjoy them because they feel sensational after trying a pair on for the first time. Carlo G, Spectral Body

Considering copper’s fundamental virus fighting properties, coupled with heightened concerns over COVID-19 and other diseases, copper infused masks, gloves and even underwear may be the fashion trend of a world fighting one pandemic and looking to prevent the next. — A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News

… there is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that when you wear copper-infused clothing, your clothing is actively working overtime to keep you safe. While it’s nothing like a magic cape or the kind of thing that Marvel comics would dream up, the antimicrobial quality of the fabric is still pretty impressive. — Lucas Skriko, Find One Reason


Written by Vasia Tolou

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