• NAROO N0U - gray UV protection sports mask for cycling in the summer and spring on cyclist with EX-SHADER in background v2

    NAROO Breathing Technology: Easy-breathing Face Covers Backed by Continuous Research

    NAROO Breathing Technology: Easy-breathing Face Covers Backed by Research Breathing is the heart of athletic activity. However, the air we breathe isn’t always what we need to power our activity. Athletes worldwide struggle with environmental issues that actually limit their ability to breath well and perform well, which include cold weather, pollution, pollen, UV rays, … More
  • NAROO FU+Copper - Sports Mask for Cycling in Pollen v2

    Sports Masks 101 – What They Are and Why You Need Them

    A sports mask is not your everyday run-of-the-mill mask. It is specifically designed to be breathable to help sports people get the oxygen intake necessary to perform their sport. More
  • NAROO Allergy Friendly Product Award Certificate - Allergy UK for Pollen

    Allergy UK Approves NAROO for Allergy Friendly Product Award

    We started NAROO because we listened. We listened to the needs of sports people who were looking for ways to deal with things like pollen, pollution, and heat/cold. The more we listened, the more we resolved to become the world’s leading innovator and authority on innovative breathing solutions that support and protect your breathing. When … More
  • NAROO F5S - Filtering Sports Mask for hiking in Spring Pollen Season in mountains v2

    6 Tips on How to Exercise Safely During Allergy Season

    Is pollen allergy common? You learned all about pollen allergies in our last blog. If you didn’t, you should check it out because pollen can stop you from doing what you love. As an athlete, whether amateur or professional, pollen season can be the wrench in your training. Allergies can prevent effective, efficient breathing and … More
  • NAROO F.U Plus - Man cycling in a forest wearing a black FU+copper sports mask for pollen and pollution v2

    What Are Pollen Allergies and Why YOU as an Athlete Should Care

    What Are Pollen Allergies and Why YOU as an Athlete Should Care Every year, the pollen season comes and tries to stop so many people from enjoying the outdoors. In particular, athletes who want to exercise outside, both who do and do not suffer from pollen allergies, face the highest risk. Luckily, it is possible to … More
  • NAROO F5S- filtering sports mask for hiking in summer and spring pollen v2

    How to Manage Seasonal Allergies

    The most common allergy worldwide affects millions of people through fall, summer and spring: hay-fever. Irritation and allergy symptoms are caused by the very fine pollen particles released by plants to fertilize other plants of the same species. Unfortunately, the most effective way to avoid hay-fever is to limit outdoor activities when pollen counts are … More
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